POC Resolve

Pulver on Condos is excited to announce that it is expanding into the sphere of Alternative Dispute Resolution with the launch of POC Resolve.

With the recent push from the Ontario courts for condominium law disputes to be mediated and/or arbitrated, there is a growing need for experienced and respected condominium lawyers who can be entrusted to mediate and/or arbitrate disputes in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Shawn Pulver is a seasoned litigator who has enjoyed a broad civil and commercial litigation practice for nearly twenty years. He specializes in condominium law and routinely acts as counsel to both owners and condominium corporations, thereby bringing a well-rounded perspective to condominium law issues. Mr. Pulver has successfully litigated numerous leading condominium precedents. He has particular experience with noise disputes, shared facilities agreements, corporate governance disputes, breach of contract disputes, and owner disputes.

Mr. Pulver is active in the condominium law community in the GTA and across Ontario. He is the current President, and was a founding Director, of the Community Associations Institute (CAI) Canada. He has also acted as an adjunct professor at Western University, his alma mater, where he taught an upper year course on condominium law.

Shawn has a keen interest in conflict resolution and is a firm believer that it is never too late to mediate a dispute. He believes in the value that creative, outside-the-box solutions can offer parties to litigation.

For more information on Mr. Pulver’s availability and rates, please reach out to Mr. Pulver at [email protected]

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